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Posted on Feb 02, 2024

Totality Rules!

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Creator-on-the-street style gameshow series for IG or TikTok, a la Billy on the Street style, quizzing the general population about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8th for small amounts of money. Goal is to raise awareness for the eclipse, educate consumers on what it is and why it matters and how to enjoy totality while camping, preferably via Hipcamp.

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Shatoyia Jones
International Influencer, Femininity Women's Advocate and Public Figure traveling the world impacting millions of women ( + loved ones). Joie De Vivre Lifestyle Influencer: "work to live" lifestyle inspiring others to find joy in living
David Cartier
Camp & Hike
Jenna Smeltzer
14.6k followers currently. I’m a very outgoing and adventurous spirit. I do photography and I encourage my audience to get outside, explore and go on adventures in their everyday lives tied in with motivational content. Sharing my adventures!
Camp & Hike
Rebecca rose
Outdoor Adventure and Travel
Camp & Hike
Kimberley Megis
Skier in winter, long distance hiker in summer, canoeist in fall, everything in spring
Camp & Hike
Allenn Montilla
Living on the road traveling the country with my dog
Austin Lowen
Snowboard | Outdoor Fashion | Climb | Hike/Camp
Chiara Grego
Adventure travel, camping, nature, outdoor sports and mindful living
Briana Boman
Over 20K followers on Instagram
Camp & Hike
Josh Sansoni
Capturing unique perspectives on life’s moments & stories
Camp & Hike
Expert Reel Creator!⛰️ Hi! I'm Becky 👋 Climber, Hiker 🧗🏻‍♀️ & Wellness Coach. My Video views go way beyond my followers! Check out my page !
Hanna Beatty
1.4M monthly impressions on a wide audience
Andrea Nwachukwu
Over 35k followers
Alauna Roby
"you live in a HONDA ACCORD?"
Camp & Hike
Ariane Walder
Queer babe artist traveling full time in a vintage camper!
Rachel Waddoups
Nearly a decade of professional photography experience
Mariah Cannon
PNW Based adventure & hiking blog!
Camp & Hike
The next creator for your brand!
Camp & Hike
Julia Smith
Lexi Schmidt
Solo Travel, Adventuring With My Dog, Learning Along The Way.
Jamie Paré
Sharing the best outdoor adventures in Northern California. Hiking, Camping, Snowsports.
Camp & Hike
Daniel Nixon
Let’s be a change!
Camp & Hike
Candy Zhang
adventure | travel | bring the dog
Camp & Hike
Jack Pang
Travelling full time in a camper converted Landrover Defender, surfing skiing and off-roading. In July alone I reached 260k users on instagram and plan on building my social media presence whilst travelling this year and next.
Noémie Peeters
Outdoor content creator living in Sweden
Debora Rania
Over 200k monthly impressions
Dina Díaz
It’s possible to do it all with kids. Just gotta prep for it
Camp & Hike
Brennen Lee
Daily reminder to chase your dreams and live limitless
Abby Fagan
Enthusiastic about the great outdoors!
Camp & Hike
Roxanne Labat
Highly experienced travel UGC creator
Kirstin Barboza
Solo woman driving across the country to camp and explore
Camp & Hike
Angela & Evan Miller
Relatable and Fun; Over 5 million accounts reached last month.
Camp & Hike
Ebony choate
Over 8k monthly impressions! 🥾☀️🏔️⛺️
Camp & Hike
Stephanie Coia
Quick at creating trendy content
Camp & Hike
Hannah Nelson
living in Yosemite national park
Sylvan Christensen
While climbing is the category that rings most true with sylvan, he is much more than just a climber. He is a visionary that sees art in nature and creates new space and time using BASE jumping, highlining, and climbing.
Carrie Rosenbalm
Texas focused outdoor & travel content creator
James Highet
I’ve produced content in Canada, the US, the UK & Italy.
Kaylan Rosa
Nomadic Nature Videography Inspiring Natural Living with Outdoor Adventure + Healthy Cooking
Grace McHugh
Capturing life’s adventures
Camp & Hike
Travel | Vanlife
Liam cornish
Over 20 million views and 30k followers across all platforms
Camp & Hike
Over 3M monthly Impressions!
Ashley Nye
Capturing the spirit of exploration with a sense of purpose
Mira Maciejewski
Living Vanlife with my cat!
Zach Hagy
Over 10 years of exploring and capturing.
Camp & Hike
Biliana Gortchova
creating brand trust through social-first content that feels authentic and gathers increased impressions, growth, and results.
Camp & Hike
Claudia Bastien
Known as the Ice Queen amongst the wild cold plunge community.
Camp & Hike
Mona & Niki
We are real
Madison Santos
UGC and Influencer Paid Posts
Rebecca Rose
UGC. Hike, camp, backpack, climb, yoga!
Camp & Hike
Keoni Carrion
Filmmaker / Creative Direction
Kristen May
Over 9 Million monthly impressions
Camp & Hike
Sara Crookston
Family outdoor/ travel niche
Camp & Hike
Jeevesh Sood
Finding new roads
Nicole Garcia
Empowering Other to Pursue Dreams & Adventures
Jake Kunkel
Photo/Video Content for all platforms
Lauren Doepke
Local finds and gorgeous views close to urban areas
Camp & Hike
Amanda Bloomquist
Backpacking guide with a community of 30k
Camp & Hike
Scott & Van Russell
Over 100,00 followers in outdoor travel. Full-time RV family hiking, biking, camping, & paddling across the US!
Camp & Hike
Jaden Versluis
Over 530k followers
Kristin Holden
LGBTQ+ vanlife
Kelsey Stoll
I have over 600k monthly impressions! I am unique because I focus on the mental health of being in the outdoors. I lead 30 yoga retreats all over the world, including Iceland, Costa Rica, Bali, Portugal, Utah, and Canada. I have a go with the flow attitude
Kelsey Stoll
I have over 600k monthly impressions! I am unique because I focus on the mental health of being in the outdoors. I lead 30 yoga retreats all over the world, including Iceland, Costa Rica, Bali, Portugal, Utah, and Canada. I have a go with the flow attitude
Haley Mahabadi
Outdoor Adventure Content Creator
Jason Lorenz
Entrepreneur & Creative Storyteller | Founder at KEEPITFVN & Partner at 4F Creative | Inspiring Through Visual Narratives
Madelaine Dagenais
Backpacking, Winter Cold Camping, over 43K likes on TikTok, over 645,000 views on TikTok
Camp & Hike
Kali Myers
I’m passionate about making content to encourage others to take the trip!
Camp & Hike
Lauren Frank
Sharing adventures from Colorado, Ohio, and everywhere in between. (Over 1.6k monthly impressions on Pinterest and a growing Instagram audience)
Camp & Hike
avery henson
it’s a beautiful day to be outside!
Camp & Hike
Jenna Chipps
Travel Tips & Destination Inspiration, Here To Inspire, Educate, & Entertain, Lifestyle & Adventure Account
Derek Culver
backcountry adventures - 178k followers
Camp & Hike
Clare Hamilton
Student Travelling Ireland on a Budget
Amber Orehek
Full time RV life with a baby and dogs
Austin Lopez
All eyez on me
Halle Foster
Bring your brand worldwide
Chloë Chapdelaine
Over 15M+ Monthly Impressions (Travel, Adventure, Lifestyle)
Ben Coulter
Over 25,000,000 likes across platforms
Camp & Hike
Bee Bing
With 65,000 TikTok friends, following my journey, and 13,000 buddies on Instagram and an ever growing YouTube channel that I started last year… I would love to work with you guys to showcase the best outdoor brands and gear to all of my audiences.
Ellie Kosikova
Vanlifing climber sitting pups and kitties around the world.
Rachel Harris
Full time traveller with 1/2 million collective following
Mandy Castillo
So cal adventurer
Camp & Hike
Ilanit litman
Over 1 million month impressions. Outdoors, travel, California.
Alexandra Doten
Over 2.7 million followers
Logan Reavis
Encouraging you to get outside
Camp & Hike
Shelby Bergsma
I capture everything to do with outdoor adventuring and travelling!
Carissa Chandler
Hiking, camping, adventuring, pet friendly travel
Camp & Hike
Lane Hollingworth
Rehab German Shepherd/ Dog Training
Destiny Benefiel
Authentic Midwest Representation
Camp & Hike
Maddy Wilson
Professional photo & video for adventurous brands who care about people and the planet | Have created content professionally on 5 continents and in 4 oceans around the globe. Adventure travel, diving, surfing, camping, nature, outdoor sports.
Full time van-lifer with engaged following
Jamie Bartlett
Dog-friendly meets outdoors
Camp & Hike
Connor OBrien
Hardcore east coast backcountry skier! Almost always first of the season to rip big slides and ravines
Dan Bailey
Capturing the world through tiny travels
Camp & Hike
Tyler Barks
World Renowned Photographer and Videographer
Tanner Wallace
Full time traveler and content creator based in Bali, Indonesia. I’m very experienced working with a number of brands and hotels, and I specialize in high quality content that performs.
Billy Quinn
Love to travel & make content on the places I visit!
Camp & Hike
Eryn MacGillivray
Getting outside in northern Canada :)
Camp & Hike
Dasha Tanner
Infusing joy and creativity to digital marketing
Kaitlin Christmas
Organic reach of over 1M
Camp & Hike
Amber Blaski
Travel | Outdoors | Van Life | Climbing ~ Playing outside somewere!
Sophie Bartels
Offroading in the desert is my favorite hobby.
Camp & Hike
Anna Baker
PNW Based Adventurer and Content Creator
Camp & Hike
Sari Jay
Highly engaged audience that expect more adventure and travel from my account
Sari Jay
Highly engaged audience that expect more adventure and travel from my account
Eugenia Mbazo
Highly engaged and responsive audience
Katarine Emanuela Klitzke
A young adventurous girl who made into Forbes 30 under 30.
Ashlee Ginn
Passionate about the outdoors | Living on the road | Climbing, cycling, hiking | Mindfulness & health
Juliette Langari
Reno Tahoe UGC Creator
Chloe Collins
Showcasing unique hotels and activities
Everything you’d want to see
Cydnee Olson
Creative Pacific Northwest Film Photographer
Camp & Hike
Catalina Rosales
Sharing my love & passion for being in the outdoors!
Camp & Hike
Kirstin Quigley
Passionate about people and the planet!
Kayla King
Representing the average consumer in a relatable way!
Ryen Nyman
Over 1,000
Camp & Hike
Sasha Hanigan
250k monthly
Camp & Hike
Nyah Jones
Verified TikTok creator
Anna & Stephan Springer
Full time Airstream Travelers
Carly Koemptgen
Focused on solo female travel with a 582k average monthly reach.
Angelique Herring
Using visual storytelling to inspire people to get outside and make memories
Camp & Hike
Robin Smith
Relatable and unique content!
Austin Becker
A professional skier, podcaster, and creative director and pushes against the grain with a unique touch.
Tasha Ryland
Coast to Coast Content as a travel nurse and mountain runner
Brigham Redd
We’re tackling 50 peaks in 2 years
Camp & Hike
Viana Lora
Over 10k monthly impressions
Emma Hoskins
Adventure, Hiking, Outdoor and Travel Creator - over 3M monthly impressions
Adam Soldo
We’re out here doing cool stuff in my van and seeing amazing places
cara edwards
Outdoor Retreat Leader - Hiking, Foraging, Yoga Teacher, Private Chef, Paddleboard Tours, Camping, Backpacking

Recommended Camping & Hiking Creators

Helena Algermissen
Growing account, creative and individual!
Chloe Loveall
You can usually find me in a canyon or waterfall
Emily (she/her)
Jake Reid
67% Australian Audience! Super Passionate
Exploring the Rocky Mountains One Trail at a Time

Recommended Climbing Creators

Mathew Elliott
I am a proffesional rock climbing photographer, with a team of good rock climbers, willing to go to the extreme in almost all outdoor activities to tell an amazing story
Beth Van Strijp
Hacks I’ve learnt as an outdoor guide
Taylor Adira
About to move to vietnam to be a climbing guide on an island!
Spencer Hall
I tell a realistic and true story about my journey to become a self sufficient high altitude mountaineer with a goal to climb K2 (unguided) in the next few years. I'm currently covering that journey on IG and Facebook.
Rachel Hollen
Top performing photos on all pages my work is posted

Recommended Cycling Creators

Conner Knight
Isidro Cisneros
Viral videos for brands
CJ Badenhorst
I chase cyclists with my FPV drone
Julian Papis
Bike lovers
Evan York
I blend my passion for endurance sports with real-life stories of resilience, leadership, and personal growth. My distinct approach lies in weaving the raw and authentic moments of life’s journey into a narrative that resonates deeply with my audience.

Recommended Water Creators

Professional sailor and fpv drone pilot
Sabrina Chartier
Advanced Open Water Diver passionate about ocean conservation
Dominique Cumming
Surfer and Home cook
Alaa muhammed
I just started but am sure passionate sea lovers will find my page soon!
Kyle Corkill
Professional Photographer & Videographer

Recommended Running Creators

Olivia Mitchell
Avid Montanan trail runner, skier, hiker and rock climber who loves sharing brands stories through highly engaging UGC Content.
Mercedes Siegle-Gaither
Pro Trail Runner
20 000 organic reach on outdoor reel around cycling, running and swimming. I make sure sustainability and nature are part of the content created.
Jessica Novotny
Digital and film photographer
Mia Polcyn
Avid Triathlete and Professional Photographer

Recommended Fitness Creators

Justin Ta
Over 1 thousands followers
Liz Bazarova
I am more than autism mom.
I capture people’s raw emotion in the talent they are doing
Loren Anderson
Perfecting the art of fitness from both sides of the lens
maxime gregory
Athlete empowering athletes and brands

Recommended Snow Creators

Katherine Scott
Exploring Nature and finding beauty in the small things!
Nicholas Carnazzo
Unique camera rigging and lots of wide angle.
Ashley Machon
Dylan Daniels
As a content creator, I have the ability to make a variety of content from start to finish. My categories are much wider than snow and can help cover many other topics. I have capability to take video, edit and sound engineer.

Recommended Travel Creators

Rachel Harris
Full time traveller with 1/2 million collective following
Derek Sutton
Quality, purpose driven content that tell your story and tell it well.
Emily Redfern
Ethan Joseph
88 New Subscribers Month to My YouTube
Ashley Young
1.4 million impressions

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