Adam Dean Phillips

I love spending time in remote locations like the Alaska Range documenting ski and climbing adventures for clients!

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With an extensive career spanning over seventeen years, I’ve dedicated my photography and videography expertise to empowering brands and businesses to tell their unique stories and achieve their goals. I specialize in capturing the soul of major brands and the stories behind them — their genuine smiles and skilled hands that bring them to life. My portfolio proudly includes collaborations with many familiar brands. Over the years, I’ve partnered with various brands and organizations. While much of my focus lies in the outdoors and commercial space, my work has significantly impacted brands like Clifbar, Backcountry, Maverik, Keller Williams Realty, Edge Eyewear, Clearcut Building Solutions, University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Rock Gym, La Sportiva, Pictureline, Mtn Bonded, and Voormi, among others. My dedication to excellence has been recognized through publications in editorial platforms like Powder Magazine, Rock and Ice, Alaska Magazine, The Ogden Connection, and Alaska Rock Climbing Guide. Simultaneously, I pursued a comprehensive education in communications with a digital media emphasis at Weber State University, enhancing my skills and staying at the forefront of industry trends. I remain committed to continuous learning and sharing knowledge through engaging workshops, aiming to inspire and educate equally. Are you unsure if your brand/business is a good fit? Our ideal clients are forward-thinking brands or organizations seeking a transformative partnership to craft an extraordinary narrative that resonates with high standards and propels their brand into a league of its own. They are not just looking for outstanding deliverables; they crave an image that exudes sophistication and excellence, leaving a lasting impression on clients, teams, and audiences. This client appreciates the meticulous attention to detail, personalized approach, and commitment to exceeding expectations.



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