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Camp Chef
Posted on Oct 12, 2023

UGC for our deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven + Cyber Discount

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Free Outdoor Camp Oven ($329.99)
Upload your photos/videos here
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Create 1-2 videos (15-60 seconds) showcasing our incredible Outdoor Camp Oven with a outdoorsy backdrop.

Shoot multiple CTAs**:

  1. Highlight a local retailer ("On shelves near you!").
  2. Mention $100 OFF for Camp Chef’s Black Friday Sales.
  3. Normal/Natural ending for evergreen content.
  4. Same video, just unique endings for us to use in different contexts :)


  1. Selfie Review: Chat face-to-face with the camera about the product. Be genuine, expressive, and show it off like you're talking to a buddy.
  2. Demonstration: Use a tripod or helper to demo the product with clear audio and good lighting. It's all about that tutorial feel.
  3. Voiceover: Narrate over product action shots, perfect for showcasing it in use like at BBQs or hangouts.
  4. Text Over: Clips of the product with on-screen text highlights. Ideal for snappy insights and vibes.
  5. Inspirational: Captivating product footage that evokes daydreamy feels, making viewers want to dive right in.


  • Mix in personal passions into your content.
  • Share extra clips! Phone clips, camera shots, BTS, and even bloopers.
  • For vids over 20 seconds, pop our logo in within the first 5 seconds.
  • Check out "Finer Details" for product insights and terminology.
  • Lighting—make sure you get the best lighting possible. Early morning or late afternoon are great.
  • Captions on at least one submission.
  • We encourage supers.


  • Avoid shooting content indoors or in urban areas.
  • Distracting attire or gear—we can send ya some gear!
  • Bright patterns, large logos on other apparel.
  • Strong or inappropriate language.


  • Get creative, make it your own, have fun!


  • We’d love to receive any stills you’d be willing to shoot in this package.

Feel free to message us here with any questions.

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Rhianna Hughes
25yo Multilingual, British Solo-Travel, Ocean, Mountain and Horse-Riding Enthusiast Who Has Visited 45+ countries, yee ha!

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